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The first time you run your game, you will be required to make an account. It will ask for a username, which faction you would like to be a part of, (Dragon or Phoenix) and a password. As expected, put the name you would like to be known as in the username slot. For the faction you would like to be a part of, it's your choice. Keep in mind, if you have friends that play the game, if you are on the opposite faction from them you can't interact with them. Create a password. The password is used to recover your city if get a new phone. Once you're done, finish it.


When you get inside the game you will see nine green squares. At the top you should see a currency counter, "Food" and "Gold". You will need a steady flow of both of these resources in order to do things in your cities. The large number is the amount you have, the little green number is how much you have coming in per hour (this counter may turn red if your production cannot support your troops). To begin, lets build a castle. In order to do so, tap one of your free green squares. A menu should come up with a list of buildings that you can make along with requirements for each one. In order to build a castle, you'll need to have 1000 gold and food, as can be seen in it's requirement box. Along with the 1000 gold and food, you will also have to wait one hour for the castle to build (real time). This castle will give you an extra square that you can make a farm on or make a gold mine on.

While your castle is building, let's review the Shop Tab and the Lord Tab. First, open your tools by pressing menu (you can also tab the Cities Name) and go to the "Shop" button with the shopping cart icon. At the bottom right, you will have a gem count. This gem count will tell you how many gems you have. (see the Shop link for more information)  You can now back out using the phones back key or hitting the "Close" button on the far right Tab.
Now, open your tools by pressing Menu and go to the "Lord" button with the Crown icon.  You should now be presented with some infrmation that will come in handy throughout the game.  Now tap on the middle tab labeled "Items".  You should have a Civilian's Pack.  Click on this pack and you will be given a few items to help you get started.  Select each of the Resource upgrades and Build Management options and click Use (individually).  Refer to the Lord link for more in depth information.  You can now back out to your City View.

Castle - Barracks

By now your castle should be finished. You should now have a place to build a farm or gold mine on the outside of your wall. Tap one of them and create either a farm or a gold mine. This should take only a few minutes. After it's done your gold or food per hour should increase depending on which you made. There should also be another open square outside of your castle. Use that to build the other thing you didn't make. (i.e. if your first was a gold mine, make a farm or vica-verca.)

Now that you've got them going, you can upgrade them by tapping them (when they're finished) if you have the right amount of food, or the amount of gold. (It takes gold to upgrade your farm, and food to upgrade your mine.) The time it will take is listed in the upgrade box. If you don't want to upgrade, then don't worry about it. Upgrading will just increase the amount each one earns per hour (Which scales with the extra 25% of miners or farmers if you have the items).

Regardless of whether you upgrade it or not, we will now build a command center (since it's the next thing you're required to build.) When you have the required supplies, create one. This should only take a few minutes. After it's done, all your units can be stored inside of it. The next thing you'll want to make is a barracks. This will make approximately 10 minutes and 100 gold / 100 food. When it's created, you will have 4 units total that you can make over time.  But first, what do the terms discussed in their table mean?

Health - their health.
Damage - How much damage they do each.
Damage Type - What kind of damage do they deal? (i.e. Piercing, Brunt, Normal, ect. You need to know this to upgrade it in the Blacksmith)
Armor - How much mitigation does each unit have for blows dealt to them?
Armor Type - What kind of armor do they have? (i.e. Light, Medium, or Heavy. You need to know this to upgrade it in the Blacksmith)
Range - From how far away can your units attack the mob.
Can Carry - How much food / gold can they carry back to you after defeating the mob / spying on the mob. Also counts for items (i.e. chests) and applies to treasure found from treasure hunts.
Speed - Measured in fields per hour (all that you can see on one square of the map at a time)
Upkeep - How much gold/food per hour the units siphon while they're settled in your command center. When they are out spying/fighting/looking for treasure, they are not using upkeep. The more there are, the more upkeep they require.
Now click the Barracks link and you can go over the Troops that can be built here.


Now that you've got a basic understanding of your barracks units, and the units you'll be able to get in due time, it's time to move on. We're now going to build a blacksmith. Find an empty square, and build one, it should only take a few minutes. The blacksmith is used to upgrade armor types, damage types, unit types, wall armor, and vehicle types. Lets go over all of the things you can get in the blacksmith by clicking the link.

Archery Range

For right now this guide is going to be in a time lapse while you get all of the requirements to build an archery range. You must update your barracks to level 5 and at least one gold mine to level 5. I would also suggest leveling up your castle when you have the time. Assuming you're up to the point where you can build your archery range, click the link and we can view the Archery Units.


Research Lab

We're about halfway through everything that needs to be explained now. The next building you should build is the research lab. I'm not going to go too far in to detail in to it, but there are a lot of upgrades for building faster, less cost on building, less mana for faster building, less mana for faster recruits, less cost on most everything, and a few little perks too, so check it out.

So you're ready to fight monsters?

Well here's what you're gonna need
  • A decent amount of well-built and upgraded units.
  • Some spies to check how many monsters there are in the pack.
After you've got your units made (I would suggest your army be made moreover of ranged units than melee, but you still need to have melee so your ranged don't get slaughtered in the start) and upgraded, click on the menu button and click map (with the map icon). You should automatically be located to where your City is, as well as see a few other Cities and Fortresses around you.  What we're searching for is a monster.  When you are ready with your troops let's take a look at Spying a monster.


Now that you have a basic concept of how the game is played, we suggest that you take a few minutes to read over the Terms of Use Agreement if you haven't already done so.  A condensed version can be found on the Rules page.


From here on out, it would be most beneficial to learn the ropes from a well established player and/or Alliance.  You can access the Chat system under Menu and click the Mail label with an envelope.  Here you will see 4 Tabs.  System Messages for Admin announcements, your Factions World Chat, Alliance Chat (must be in an alliance) and Personal Mail.  Stop by in World Chat and look around for an alliance that is recruiting, say Hello and have fun!
Once again, Welcome to Pocket Empires =)